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Unifab provides precision sheet metal fabrications for a broad range of industries, focusing on light gage cold-rolled, stainless, and aluminum manufactured components. We have been building custom solutions and metal products for years with experience that spans across a huge range of industries, working with companies and organizations small and large.


Unifab has enjoyed 65 years in business, building an extensive knowledge of the metal fabrication industry and processes that help us deliver specialized orders with specific requirements.

Our engineers have the experience to know how materials perform, and how they respond to certain production methods. This leads to products that are well-designed and fit well with client’s needs and parameters; it also enables them to establish the protocols for quality control to ensure that parts are produced consistently and accurately.


Each of our production employees have, on average, more than 10 years of production experience with Unifab Corporation. As an integral part of the organization they are skilled in their abilities, and knowledgeable in the production methods we utilize. We use SolidWorks 2009 for solid modeling, simulation and quick turn-around.

Across the board, from production, to engineering, and management, Unifab’s employees, directors, and owners have the knowledge, abilities, experience, and stability that make Unifab an essential part of efficient and effective supply chains.

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