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Uni-Directional Casters

Our uni-directional casters are high-quality casters with a mechanism that can lock the wheel into moving in only one direction. This innovative caster design increases safety and convenience while transporting racks through hallways. This wheel makes racks of any size easily movable by a single staff member. This caster is also simple to grease with only one access point.

Replacement Casters

High-grade replacement casters designed to extend the useful life of lab racks and carts. Unifab is your complete source for replacement casters. We offer both Stem and Plate type casters with grease-sealed bearings. Wheel choices include polyolefin, phenolic, polyurethane and solid rubber, with stainless steel or bright nickel finishes. All Unifab casters are designed and manufactured to maintain their original look and performance characteristics through many duty cycles of use and autoclaving.

Having trouble remembering where your existing racks came from? It doesn’t matter. Our line of replacement casters inluces those needed to fit other manufacturers’ products. These casters, as well, are constructed to meet our same rigid standards. So, regardless of whether the original manufacturer is still in business, we have the product you need, and we stand ready to serve you.

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