Primate Feeders

Primate Trap Door Feeder

This primate feeder is constructed entirely of stainless steel. One great advantage of Unifab’s Trap Door Feeder is that it can be maintained without getting in reach of the animal. It also connects to the cage with screws and hooks to prevent removal by the animal.

The feeder is easily filled from the top, while the bottom of the feeder can be opened for easy cleaning and disposal of remaining food. It is cage wash safe and can be left on the cage for cleaning.

Primate Foraging Feeder

Our primate foraging board is cagewash safe and made of 304 stainless steel. It is a universal design that fits any primate cage. It’s ideal for peanut butter foraging. It’s small size allows it to stay mounted on the cage between washings and it has drain holes to prevent water from pooling between the grating

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