Primate Capture Collars

Unifab’s Primate Capture Collar is the first primate collar that is completely round. It is designed for pole and collar restraint. The collar has over 60% more capture space than traditional capture collars, and the increased space allows for quicker and safer capture of animals.

This collar is compatible with most restraint chairs. The hinged design allows for easy installation onto the animal and a more secure fit. Constructed of high-grade lightweight aluminum and produced in standard colors. Custom colors are also available with a minimum quantity order. Call or email for pricing or quantity discounts.


Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Item #1 Description Subtotal: $3.00
Item #2 Description Discount: $4.00
Item #3 Description Shipping: $7.00
Item #4 Description Tax: $6.00
All Items Description Your Total: $20.00

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