Dry Diet Rat Feeders

Series 148 Dry Diet Rat Feeders

Series 148 feeders are glass jar dry-diet feeders; they are available in two designs. The first is a wire mesh design (Series 148-WM) that consists of a food jar and a stainless steel wire mesh column/lid assembly. The small size is standard; larger size jars are available upon request.

The second is our deluxe design (Deluxe Series 148) that consists of a food jar with a stainless steel snap-on lid, a 7-hole food follower and a retainer spring. For both the standard and deluxe models, a stainless steel spring clip is furnished with each assembly to hold the jar in positive cage position. Series 148 feeders are shipped completely assembled and ready to use.


Code No. Size Capacity Hole Size Diameter Height
148-16 Extra Large 16 oz. 2″ 3 1/2″ 4 1/8″

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