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Form Meets Function

Seldom is much thought given to cabinets and enclosures. They are “just there,” doing whatever it is they were designed to do. The product contained within is the essential element, and it is that which receives most of the attention. Regardless of whether the enclosure is a walk-in secure storage area for hazardous materials, or the protective case that houses fragile electronic circuitry, the enclosure simply exists because of the elements it contains. Rightly so, but on select occasions, considerations change.

The shortcomings of an existing enclosure, or the introduction of a new product may redirect one’s thinking to the design of cabinets and enclosures. Introducing an existing product into a new environment or application may have similar effect. On select occasions, the design of a cabinet or enclosure becomes the focal point. When this occurs, the function of the enclosure becomes the primary consideration. What needs must be met, and what performance capabilities must be incorporated into the design are appropriate questions to ask. In short, function is defined by purpose.


The next criterion is to assess the required features and attributes of the enclosure. Factors such as weight limitations, (required) mobility, best materials to use for the intended application, aesthetics, and perceived value come into play. Certifications, such as fire containment or heat resistance may also be part of the criterion. Form follows function.

Unifab Corporation excels in the design and manufacturing of cabinetry. Our cabinets are used in an array of industries ranging from industrial and automotive diagnostics to healthcare and medical diagnostics. The cabinet groups are diverse in design, application and appearance, with two key elements in common: they meet our clients’ needs, and exceed their expectations.

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