Rat Water Bottles, Stoppers & Sipper Tubes

Rat Water Bottle and Stopper

Water bottles are available in French square glass, polycarbonate wide mouth and macrolon. Stoppers are made of rubber or neoprene.

We offer four standard sizes; special-order sizes are available upon request.


Type Size Stopper Size
French Square Glass 8 oz. #7
French Square Glass 16 oz. #8-1/2
Polycarbonate Wide Mouth 8 oz. #10
Polycarbonate Wide Mouth 16 oz. #10
Macrolon 6 oz. single or double seal #6-1/2
Macrolon 8 oz. single or double seal #6-1/2
Macrolon 16 oz. single or double seal #6-1/2
Macrolon 32 oz. single or double seal #6-1/2

Sipper Tubes – Series 171 and 172

Sipper tubes are permanent, unbreakable stainless steel tubes with smoothly reduced ends. They are precision drilled to mechanically restrict delivery of liquids.

The sipper tubes are available in five lengths. Please specify straight tubes (Series 171) or bent tubes (Series 172) when placing an order.


Code No. Type Size
171-25 Straight 2 1/2″
171-30 Straight 3″
171-35 Straight 3 1/2″
171-40 Straight 4″
171-45 Straight 4 1/2″

Stainless Steel Bottle Holders – Series 100A

Series 100A Bottle Holders are made of stainless steel, and are compatible for use with 2 1/8″ x 3 3/8″ bottles. They are designed for use on Series 200, 400, 600 and 800 cages. The holder hook ends attach to #2, #3 or larger mesh. The ends should be crimped with pliers to secure the holder to the cage. Gravity locks the bottles into position; bottles are easily removed simply by lifting the wire holders.

Spring Clip Bottle Holders – Series 167

The 167 Spring Clip Bottle holder is an inexpensive, simple yet effective and positive way to locate and hold feeders and water bottles in wire mesh cages. The spring and clips are stainless steel and will expand from 5-1/2” to 12”. The 167 spring is shown here along with the 8-PCB 8 ounce polycarbonate water bottle and several different sipper tubes.

Cork Protection Plates – Series 102 & 103

These triangular stainless steel protection plates have three preformed tabs and a 3/8″ water tube hole. The protection plates are machine tumbled to remove rough edges. Series 102 and 103 protection plates are available to fit #2 and #3 mesh cage fronts.

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