Metabolism Units

Metabolism Cage Rack

The Series 410, 410-CH, and 470 metabolism units are designed for use on single “A” cages only. The cage is modified to receive a two-piece stainless steel unit that consists of a funnel-shaped collection pan and a 1/8″ mesh feces separator screen. Metabolism cages require that the associated Series 1200 racks be modified with altered shelf height to accept metabolism units. Additional information that pertains to this is available upon request.

Please specify metabolism modification requirements when placing an order or seeking additional information. Unless stated otherwise, all other cage information is identical to the standard descriptions for the appropriate cages.


Code No. Mounting Style Size
1-152-33 Bolt Hole 3″ x 3″ Square
2-152-33 Formed Lip 3″ x 3″ Square
3-152-33 Mounting Tabs 3″ x 3″ Square
3-152-35 Bolt Hole 3″ x 5″ Vertical
3-152-35 Formed Lip 3″ x 5″ Vertical
3-152-35 Mounting Tabs 3″ x 5″ Vertical
3-152-53 Bolt Hole 3″ x 5″ Horizontal
3-152-53 Formed Lip 3″ x 5″ Horizontal
3-152-53 Mounting Tabs 3″ x 5″ Horizontal

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