Mobile Large Animal Swine Run

Our mobile large animal runs are designed for use with dogs, pigs and sheep. These units are manufactured with 304 stainless steel, but aluminum construction is also available upon request if a lighter unit is desired. This large animal run is designed to be thin enough to fit through doorways, while its height of 5 feet gives it the ability to regularly house animals under 30 kg. Sidewalls can be constructed with metal rod or wire mesh. Dual excreta pans can be removed to allow waste to fall to the floor when unit is stationary. UniSafe comfort flooring comes standard in our mobile large animal runs. Expanded metal, grid, and other floors types are available upon request.

Solid panels that can be moved to cover either the top or bottom half of cage are optional. These units can also be designed to fasten together in order to help maximize space within the animal room.


Dimensions Animal Space
35″ W x 60″ D x 72″ H Area: 14 sq. ft.

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